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A lawn provides a place to relax and spend quality time with your family. Well-maintained lawns contribute to community green space and beautiful neighborhoods. Every lawn needs healthy soil to turn dead plants into useful nutrients and create a sustainable environment. Using regenerative landscaping techniques, the Georgetown Landscaping company is committed to maximizing the community’s fertility. Proper lawn care is required to restore topsoil, promote biodiversity, improve environmental services, and increase your lawn’s climate resilience. You can find a full list here of the different benefits regenerative lawn care brings to your neighborhood. Let us explore regenerative lawn care and other trends shaping the world of landscaping in 2021.

Current Trends In Landscaping Designs

When the weather starts to warm, and the buds continue to flower, our gaze inevitably turns to the outdoors and our lawns. There are many wonderful ways in which we can improve our fresh-air experiences this backyard season. Prepare to be motivated by these five landscaping patterns pushing the limits of how we see our living spaces.

Smart Landscaping For Limited Outdoors

It’s nothing uncommon for city dwellers to have little outdoor space. Cutting-edge techniques are maximizing the utilization of the available space to create unique experiences. Terraced landscaping identifies gaps and makes a small yard seem larger. Multitasking overrules deciding which functions to include and where to plant what within a small space. For example, a water feature may be built into an irrigation system, effectively doubling a single feature’s functionality.

Planning Your Garden For All Seasons

When deciding your garden, consider the four seasons. Differentiating patterns and vivid conifer leaves are beautiful in the spring, but they still brighten up the garden in the winter. Add a mix of both deciduous and evergreen trees to your garden. With flowering skills, colorful leaves, and interesting forms, deciduous trees put on a beautiful display for your garden. By staying green all year round, evergreens bring drama to the landscape and create beautiful backdrops in winter with a layer of snow.

Adapting Regenerative Lawn Care

Your lawn needs biodiversity both above and below the ground to be sustainable. An assorted range of plants on the surface is required in developing a diverse array of microbes in the soil. This diversity results in a cleaner and healthier overall system. A sustainable lawn creates more topsoil, stores more biomass, and creates a good medium for plants to grow. The reduction in soil compaction improves the groundwater level in the community.

Distinguishing With Unique Garden Elements

As part of the maker revolution, the current trend is shifting from commercial products with a cookie-cutter feeling towards traditional handmade products that give your garden uniqueness. Seeking a talented local artist to handcraft your next garden piece, whether it’s a stone bench or a pergola, is certainly a theme. Quality craftsmanship that lives up to its name is the focus of this trend. This high-quality workmanship isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it.

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